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Email address is a fundamental part of your business and for your personal usage but a professional email address is good for you and business. Get a fast, secure, and reliable email system designed for all your personal and business needs.

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Questions About Email

What is a domain-based email?

Email hosting is a service that leases mail servers to its users using a hosting provider. Professional mail hosting is considered when the incoming and outgoing email is managed by shared, or dedicated mail server. All of your emails are managed by you in your personalized mailbox. The address given will contain your domain name. You will directly receive your emails within your server, not on any other services, i.e. Gmail or yahoo.

What are the benefits of domain-based email?

Building trust and brand awareness is the need for today business strategies. But this is not an easy task. However, it is much more comfortable with domain-based mail hosting! Each letter you send that you send will contain your domain name and the same time attract potential customers to look at your site. Surveys also show users more often choose companies that use professional email addresses.

Why do you need a domain-based email?

The general concept of email defines it as a system designed to process, receive, and send emails. The service aims to provide the user with a dedicated mailbox with additional protection. You will be able to send or receive your emails with the email address that contains your domain name.

What are the key features of domain-based email?

     Among the main features of domain-based email are:

  • Additional protection for letters.
  • Constant availability of box.
  • Binding letters to a corporate domain.
  • Your personalized email address.
  • Manage on your own.
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