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Express Email Marketing is a great way to stay in touch with customers. Create professional-quality emails in minutes, with customizable templates and drag-and-drop editing to create personalized email campaigns.

 A drag-and-drop email's composer tool

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 Secure integration of social networks

 Spam protection tool for subscribers

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Email Marketing

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Questions About Email Marketing

What is email marketing?

Email marketing allows you to market your products. As email does not disappear soon as it is an accessible and very useful promotional channel. With email marketing, you don’t only interact with your existing customers but also with those who are interested in your products. With email marketing, you can target thousands of customers with just one click.

Why email marketing?

Email marketing helps you to get your customers more rapidly:

  • The performance of the email campaign is better than that of paid social media campaigns.
  • It is becoming more and more challenging to get the first position in organic searches. Traffic from organic searches is more valuable for you. Email marketing enables you to reach real organic traffic.
  • Email marketing makes a great team with content marketing. Content promotion is the strategy by which businesses create valuable content for their products.
What could I share with the customers using email marketing?

You can share every aspect of your online business with your targeted peoples:

  • Information about newly launched products.
  • Vouchers for special occasions or events.
  • The loyalty of existing customers through discounts and exclusives offers.
  • Getting customers to feedback on the experience with your online store.
  • Promoting additional products/recommendations based on customer history.
How email marketing works?

Sending emails for the promotion of your videos is easy. You are just required to make excellent promotional content for your business promotion. The name of your content must be eye-catching. Secondly, you have to create a database of emails from your targeted customers. You can create a database of emails using a CSV file or excel. You have to upload it. In the end, you are just required to schedule your email campaign. All done!

What is the best time to send my promotional emails?

The most important questions of all in email marketing. You ask different people, and you will get different answers. Here are some surveys:

  • Early mornings and weekends but it can also lead to more likely chances to unsubscriptions.
  • Some surveys suggest 2000 hours to 0000 hours.
  • We suggest Thursday; 0800 hours – 0900 is best.
  • Some SEO worker suggests Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 1400 hours – 1700 hours are the best.
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