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Website builders are software tools that let users build a website online and quickly with drag-and-drop functionality, without needing to know any coding or website design skills.


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Questions About Website Builder

What is the website builder

The website builder is online software that helps in creating a site in a visual editor without using any kind of unique programming language. As a rule, the website builder is a separate independent service but can be provided by hosting companies. As part of a free service, hosting with essential characteristics is usually provided, as well as a subdomain.

How it works?

Just choose a package with us suiting your taste. Add it to your cart and fill up the given credentials. You will be redirected to our editor. Our builder is designed such that it is straightforward to use. You can create a new website within minutes by using our drag-and-drop editor. You just need to put the elements at your desired location and set them up without any experience or knowledge of programing language. It just looks like moving the icons of your computer from one place to another.

What benefits I get by using your website builder?
By using our website builder, you will get the following benefits:
  • Intuitive website creation.
  • Separation of design and process, as a result, rapid change in appearance.
  • Variety of website templates.
  • Maintenance and operation – at a service provider.
  • You need not worry about hosting and Security(SSL).
  • Building a responsive website within minutes.
Does website builder support external website editing?

No, as a website builder tool is a CMS (Content Management System). In a CMS, you are editing all the aspects of your site as they appear on the user interface, and the current state of the website you are seeing will appear as so. The website pages are being shown by using the website builder editor. You need not log out from your account or load the page separately; you can see the changes as you are doing them.

Would I have to purchase hosting too?

No, you have not to purchase hosting when you have purchased the website builder. We are providing hosting feature along with the website builder. Furthermore, we will also provide the SSL certificate for the security of your website. You need not worry about security or any hosting issues.

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