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Website Backup is a cloud-based website, database backup, and monitoring service. The most reliable website backup service, which tracks all of your changes daily. Set it up, then forget about it and just focus on building your business.

 Automatic backup to a secure cloud

 Protection from hacks & ransomware

 24x7x365 Customer Service & Support

 Continuous security monitoring

 Back up a file, folder or an entire database


Website Backup

Take comfort in knowing that your information is always safe and secure.


Questions About Website Backup

What is website backup?

The essence of site backup comes down to copying databases, site files, mail, FTP accounts, and many other hosting parameters. Simply put, we will save your entire site and its settings in a separate place, and if necessary, we can return the site to the version that we saved. At the same time, data can be copied to the current and backup server located from the provider’s server or in another data center.

Why you need it?

For a vivid example, let’s say your site was subjected by a hacking attack, as a result of which you got a change or deletion in your database and site files if your data is enormous, you are then not able to make it again. Website backup allows you to restore your site files and databases to its original form by contacting us or using the hosting account panel.

How many times the website is backed up within a month?

Your website back up will be done daily. The backup will be automatically done. The backup can only be a file, folder, or the entire database. You can easily download your backup file to your local storage with no difficulties. Your backup will be secured on the cloud. You can restore your backup with a single click. An automatic malware check is also implemented during the backup process of your website.

How much backup space we are providing?

Our backup space depends on your taste. We provide different storage in minimum cost. We recommend the following areas for various purposes:

  • For documents and files, the available space is 5 GB.
  • For photos and music, the available space is 25 GB.
  • For videos and multimedia, the available space is 50 GB.

Now, it’s your choice of what package you choose and how you use it for your backups.

Is backing up my data is secured with you?

Yes, it is 99.99% secure. Your data stored in the cloud is only accessible to you; no one will be able to get into your cloud. Further, your backup will be checked for malware. If any malware is found, our malware removal software will remove it. For further security of your data, we also provide the option to save your data on your local storage.

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