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Even if you already have a website, there’s no reason you have to start over to build an online store. Quick Shopping Cart makes it easy for anyone to start their own online store using an eCommerce platform and connect it to your existing website.


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Powerful features that are there when you need them. Everything you need to start, run, and grow your online store.


Questions About Shopping Cart

What is this shopping cart?

Shopping cart is a piece of e-commerce software that provides the facility to help you to build your online store. It helps your visitors on your website to purchase the last things. It allows you to create a list of items selected by the customer and make the total price of all the items, including all the taxes and shipping charges or any other parameter you have declared.

Why the shopping cart is essential?

Shopping cart is a bridge between buying and shopping, so having the best shopping cart software is extremely important for your website. People who are just starting with e-commerce sites are mostly unfamiliar with the concept of the shopping cart. A shopping cart generally has three aspects necessary for your website:

  • Stores the information about all of your products.
  • A gateway for customer management.
  • Renders your product data, categorize products, and your site information to show it to your user.
Why do I need a shopping cart?

Let us say that you have a website and do not have e-commerce capabilities and want to make your site capable of accepting online orders, selling your products, or process payments of your to be sold. You have to purchase a shopping cart from us to manage all of your sale purchase system. Moreover, you also get free hosting with the shopping cart.

Will I be able to accept payments through credit cards?

Yes, you can by having the following terms and conditions valid:

  • You have a registered merchant account with your bank and use as a gateway for your payments, or
  • You use PayPal account.

We can also set up payment methods for you to take payments from your customers by integrating e-commerce payment hosting.

What is a catalog? How can I add, delete, or change the price of my items to my site?

A catalog is a menu that contains the pictures of your items, its descriptions, and prices. Here, you can add new items. To add, delete, or to change price any of your items, you just log in to your site and click the catalog option. Select the desired item in which you want to make changes in it. After changes, press the save button and you are done with your changes now.

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