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HTTPS uses the SSL/TLS protocol to encrypt the data communication and ultimately secure the connection between your website and your website visitor’s browser, Which is important to conduct safe and secure e-commerce transactions over the internet.

 Support for all major web browsers

 Block the illegal threats to your website

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 Ongoing SSL certificate maintenance

 SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption


SSL Certificate

Get Secure-check your security, Protect your data and your customers.


Questions About SSL

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol and was developed by Netscape in 1994. Its use is easily identifiable due to small padlock (in graphic form) that appears in the browser. SSL certificates or security are cryptographic protocols that are meant to secure the exchange of information on the internet. Ex: information on bank cards, passwords, and, in general, any information that is desired to remain private. SSL certificates can also be used to secure email.

How will it work for me?
  • When a client searches for your website in his/her browser in your SSL certificate will get into action. The certificate will encrypt your connection between the client’s browser and your site. It allows the information to be readied only between you and your client.
  • Encryption works with the speed of light. A padlock icon and https:// will appear in your browser.
  • No one will be able to get into your site and read the info of your clients. Your clients are protected.
Benefits provided with SSL!
  • Buying the SSL certificate, we will provide you with the best encryption and security between your site and the client’s info.
  • Google displays “NOT SECURE” on your site if there is no SSL certificate and causing a great chance to lose our clients. With SSL, there is no 0.1% chance of losing clients.
  • SSL certificate increases your visitors’ trust, and they feel relax by knowing that their information is in a safe hand.
Who needs SSL?

As google enlists the websites with no SSL certificates that are not encrypted as “NOT SECURE.” It will cause the rank of your site to get lower than other sites that have been protected with SSL. With no SSL, your SEO will be decreased, so to overcome this, you have to buy the certificate increasing your SEO.

How will my clients know my site is protected?

When your client types your domain and gets into your site, the encryption of their data will be visible through the padlock and ‘https//:.’ You will also be provided with a site seal to put it on your website. If you need more trust on your site from your client, OV and EV SSL certificates will verify your Company is legit, not only your domain.

How do I will install my SSL certificate after purchasing?

After the issuance of your SSL certificate, you will receive an email from our Company. It will be a welcome email with easy instructions. After activation, the timescale for complete setup will depend on the type of validation you choose, i.e., we will need 10 minutes to 10 days for a certificate authority to perform checks.

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