Fully-Managed Dedicated Server – Unbeatable Performance!

A dedicated server can mean a type of web hosting plan where you are allocated a whole server to configure your unique needs and multi-purposes and can even share data across applications.

HDD Storage

SSD Storage

 Powerful, easy-to-use control panel

 Unlimited bandwidth traffic

 99.9% server uptime guarantee

 Data center level DDoS protection

 Software RAID1: Disk mirroring for redundancy.

 24x7x365 Dedicated technical hosting support

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Dedicated Server Hosting

High processing power for high availability, heavy traffic, and high performance.


Questions About Dedicated Server

What means by dedicated server?

A type of hosting, in which we provide the client with a completely separate physical machine. It will offer you the opportunity to run your applications that cannot coexist on the same server with other projects or have increased resource requirements. All the resources will only be available to you—no third party interruptions.

Why dedicated servers work fast?

Using the dedicated server allows your site to load faster than usual. You are making your back-end more secure and reliable. The uptime is high, and the total control over your site infrastructure condenses the hazard of dropping your business.

  • You can install or uninstall apps on your own.
  • You would be the sole owner; you have complete ownership.
  • Best value for money only if you know how to choose the right server for yourself!
Can I have access to hardware and software?

Yes, as the owner of your dedicated server, you are free to change the configuration of the computer, install the operating system of your taste, carry out any technical work on the server – this will not hinder the job of other services and servers.
In addition to a dedicated server, access is sometimes via KVM / IP, allowing to configure the BIOS and software remotely.

Low latency

You are not going to put auxiliary to the buildup of the “site speed,” but indeed, it is essential.
For illustration, think yourself of being a user who is looking for a “Laptops sailing site,” if you click the website and it does not load within 5 secs, you are going to leave it and move to some other place. You know the internet is flooded with options.
With a dedicated server, the speed of your website is going to be enhanced and hence, rank better on SERPs. That’s why dedicated servers are better for SEO.

Your server, your freedom

The lower-cost hosting solution has an encoded set of software applications. In the case of dedicated servers, because there are no server neighbors to disturb in any way, you can install any software and any version, including any operating system. Then you can opt for a control panel and choose the release of each software that suits your consequences.

Enhanced security with dedicated servers.

Dedicated servers provide the extreme security measures to ensure the security of your data stored in your purchased server. We will provide the facility of best protection by deploying software that will scan systems and networks for obtrusive invaders, spammers, hackers, and other harmful problems such as Trojans, worms, and crashes.

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