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Code signing helps your customers know that your company is the official publisher of the code and that no other third party has modified it since you signed it. it is important that your customers trust your software that they download from the internet and install it.

Code Signing Certificate

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Driver Signing Certificate

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Code Signing Certificate

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Questions About Code Signing Certificate

What is the code/driver signing certificate?

A certificate by which software or scripts are signed, which confirms the author of the program, and ensures that the code has not been changed after the digital signature has been applied. It is also known as developer certificates. In all modern versions of Windows, starting with Windows XP up to Windows 10, when installing the software you will receive a warning. The same thing applies to install driver software that does not have corresponding digital signatures.

What is the purpose of the code/driver signing certificate?

Firstly, it is a digital signature mechanism that confirms the program that you are using is released by a particular company; that is, it guarantees the authenticity of the source code. And secondly, it ensures the integrity of the content, that is, that from the moment of signing the software project has not been damaged or modified.

How code signing certificate works?

Code signing is a similar method of adding public and private keys just like SSL and SSH. When you request a code signing certificate, a public or private key is generated. The private key is bounded to the applicant’s machine and is never sent to the certificate provider. The software properties will show your ownership, and all rights will be reserved by you.

Will I be able to use a single certificate on various computers?

Yes, with Standard Code Signing Certificates, you can generate copies of your certificate .pfx file from one computer to another. It becomes beneficial when your code is signed by multiple developers within your Company. We recommend you to transfer your certificates between various workstations through secured methods such as using the sftp. The token-based certificates can also be used on multiple computers.

What are the documents required for Code Signing Certificate?

Standard code certificates are available for both individual and enterprise entities.

You have to provide the following documents:

  • Contact details; name, email, phone, title.
  • Registration of the Company with official address and phone number to communicate with the authorized person.
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